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Experience Don Steirer's energy in person as he catalyzes intelligence and feeling in his messages.


From corporate team-building events to conferences and luncheons, Don Steirer delivers universal messages that strike a chord with all types of audiences.

Connecting the scientific and the spiritual in ways audience members latch onto, Don makes incorporating new principles of living sound easy.

He brings clarity to confusion by helping people make connections they've not before considered.

Don communicates very naturally in the spoken word, the written word, and the language of the spirit - simultaneously - to help people break through their barriers. Faces light up with "ah-hah" moments and something "clicks" - a mystery's explained, a solution sparked.

Decades of speaking experience backs up his credentials after teaching public speaking in university. He's given hundreds of presentations in engineering, technical communication, and personal development.

As an entertainer, he's emceed numerous private functions, performed stand-up comedy, won Toastmasters awards, and much more. In every situation, his light-hearted energy captivates his audiences' hearts and minds.


The Hypnotist in You

Understanding Emotions

You and Your Values

The Barrier of Beliefs

Attachment and Resistance

People and Perception

Monkey Mind

The Observant Participator

What's Your Story?



Every one of Don's presentations sets up activities for applying principles that will make a measurable difference in the quality of your life. He's become known as the "practical, action guy", leaving audiences feeling inspired, in fact compelled, to do something about their situation.

Book Don for an hour-long keynote speech or workshop, adapted for your meeting from 20 different topics.


 "Theory entertains the cognitive mind. Putting that theory into practical action inspires the spirit."

Don Steirer

A highlight of all of Don's talks can be summed up in the words of one audience member; "Don has an unbelievable skill for making the difficult things in life - from physics to human emotions - sound so simple. It's amazing what clarity he brings to my thinking."
Another audience member describes another feature of Steirer's appeal; "Don communicates on many different levels - and all at the same time! Conscious, sub-conscious, and at the soul level."
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