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Stress and life-drama are extremely harmful to our mental and physical health. Anything you can do to eliminate these poisons from your life is a plus. Here is one book that helps you to do that. Short and to the point, it takes only a minute to implement a strategy and immediately start reaping the rewards. You'll feel like a big weight has lifted off your shoulders!
Hyla Cass, MD
Author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health


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Many people feel lost and helpless in dealing with the emotions behind their drama, unable to figure out why it happens in the first place and then how to deal with it. Emotions are complex things, that is, until you really understand them. This book demystifies them, explaining our emotions in simple, clear language and then gives steps to control them.
Colleen V. McDonald
Personal counseling and sports psychology


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99 Ways to Stop the Drama
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Going through tough times or major changes in your life? The Emotional Empowerment Stress Kit will help see you through it with the support you need. Share the 99 Ways with others for Birthdays, graduation, Mother's & Father's Day, Christmas, Valentines Day, anniversaries of all kinds, weddings, divorces, Spring "cleaning", Thank You gifts, employee reward programs, or simply as a way to say "I'm thinking of you and thought you might enjoy this". Don's book makes a thoughtful gift that lasts longer and adds much more to life than a box of chocolates.

Soft Cover Book 99 Ways to Stop the Drama is a compendium of quick-action steps designed to produce immediate results in the reduction and elimination of emotional drama.

Soon after its release, 99 Ways to Stop the Drama became known on the street as the Drama 9-1-1 book. If there was an emergency, and it was centered around drama, 99 Ways was the book of choice for fast, effective solutions.


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e-book available Are you in a crisis and don't want to wait for the book to come in the mail? Order the e-book and you'll clear up your drama situation in a matter of seconds.

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Emotional Empowerment: A breakthrough in stress management

This Stress Kit attacks your stress from every possible angle. You process information differently with your left brain than you do with your right. You process information different intellectually with your mind than you do emotionally with your body. You process information differently with your eyes than you do with your ears. So if we’re going to change this stress habit of yours quickly and effectively, we need to attack it from every angle possible.

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The Emotional Empowerment Stress Kit includes:
Stop the Drama Book
Stop the Drama Audio Book
Stop the Drama Action Cards
Emotions Prescription Chart
Stop the Drama Colouring Book for Adults
75 minute Keynote Speech on Stress
Stop the Drama Decisions Journal


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