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Drama continued

I don't have any issues - but everyone else does
If you are getting upset at people, circumstances, and events of life, you have an issue. I have a question for you: is it possible that you have conditioned yourself to lend a blind eye toward your issues (denial) in order to protect yourself from the truth of them?


I really want to change but I just can't seem to do it
You are getting a benefit out of maintaining your current mindset and habits. Obviously, you are associating more pleasure to staying as you are, and at the same time you are associating more pain to changing your ways.


Do I need all 99?
The solution you need at the time is situation-specific, and depends on your background, personality, situation in life, friends, family, co-workers, occupation, etc.


Surely there must be some that don't apply to me
Actually not. Each one of these strategies can help to elevate the energy of every person on the planet, regardless of their situation. Even those who are perpetually happy can even go higher.


How long does it take for me to see results?
That depends on a lot of things within you, namely your personality.
-Degree of openness
-Willingness to be honest with yourself
-The number and depth of your emotional wounds

The length of time it takes you to see the benefit from these methods is determined primarily by your commitment. If you are totally committed to releasing your current feelings of distress and drama, then you will feel an immediate shift in your energy.
The magnitude in the shift in your energy is a different story. For example, if you are dealing with a situation that is pushing a deep emotional scar that carries with it a lot of internal pain, you may have to work with different methods on that issue for hours, days, or maybe even weeks. But the point is, if you are committed, you will be open to noticing even the smallest improvements, and that in itself will keep you motivated and inspired to carry on
Why does it take different times for different people?
The answer is in your question - do you see it? Different people. We are all different. We have different beliefs, different values, different prejudices, different fears and insecurities. We approach things with different level of dedication and intensity. We have different levels of internal resistance. We have different scales of measurement of success and failure.
Don't worry about what someone else is doing. That's none of your business. Worry about yourself and you'll be just fine.
Why do I get so upset at my spouse / other people / situations sometimes?
Because they have pushed an emotional button in you that needs to be neutralized. The fact that the emotion is coming up in you is your first sign of this.
Where do our emotional buttons come from?
Our emotional buttons come from our childhood and from emotionally-charged situations and events in life that have caused us emotional pain.
I have more education than my neighbor, but he/she doesn't have any of my problems. Why?
There is a big difference between educational intelligence and emotional intelligence. Oftentimes it is the highly educated who have more trouble with drama because they have been conditioned to try to solve everything with their intellect, leaving their heart totally out of the equation.
This is hard work
What exactly do you mean when you say this is hard?
Do you mean you find it hard to be disciplined to do the work required of you? Do you mean you find it difficult to change something in yourself that you yourself created once upon a time? Do you mean you find it hard to accept the fear that is in front of you to do something new?
If so, it's not that it's hard, it's that you don't want the change badly enough.
Don't you find it hard to struggle through life day after day after day? Now that's what I call hard.
How can I possibly work through all this stuff in one lifetime?
That's what your lifetime is - a journey. And it's going to pass whether you like it or not. So wouldn't you like to live each day at the highest vibration possible? Which will bring the greatest amount of peace, joy, and contentment possible, regardless of what you are doing?
Besides, you're making a mountain out of a molehill. You're making this bigger than it really is.
While it may seem like you have an insurmountable task in front of you, you are obviously forgetting about the concept of compounding.
You are likely familiar with compounding in relation to the interest you get on your money in the bank. This is where you get $1 interest every month for a year, and at the end of the year you have more than $12 because you started gaining interest on the interest from the start of the second month. As it is with personal change.
As soon as you make even the smallest change, that will have an indirect effect on many other things in your life. So the benefits branch out like a spider web, positively affecting many things that are seemingly unrelated, although they are.
This is going to be a full time job!
This isn't hard. Having to live in damage-control every minute of every day because of poor decisions is hard. Recall the definition of lifetime - a journey. You'll be learning until the day you die, so why not spend your lifetime learning something that serves you well?
What is the biggest hurdle to anyone doing this kind of work?
The biggest hurdle for anyone doing this kind of work is actually DOING the work.
How can I bring this into my life as easily as possible?
Decide, then apply consistent, daily practise.
I don't have the time for this
The truth is, you don't have the time to NOT do this! Whenever an outside person or event consumes your energy and focus, it's taking away your energy from those things that could be contributing to a vibrant, healthy, and happy lifestyle.
Can these principles benefit people with no drama?
We all encounter people, events, and experiences that test our character. It always has the potential to be a challenge, especially when they/it is pushing one of those emotional hot buttons that was installed in us so long ago, and we don't even realize it's there until someone or something leans on it.
Why do 2 people react so differently to life's events?
Because they have different thoughts, beliefs, values, emotional scars, memories, fears, and insecurities.

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