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"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable."

--John Russell, Managing Director,
Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.



Are you annoyed, troubled and even a little jealous, that you don't have the success others enjoy

even though you're just as smart as them?


Coaching can make the difference!


Every top athlete has a coach. Professional sports teams have a whole lineup of coaches. Successful singers and actors are constantly coached. So are top CEOs. But if they're already at the top-the best at what they do-why do they need a coach? That's precisely why they're the best at what they do!



Without a coach, life can be an elusive game of trial and error - an expensive, time-consuming, and often frustrating way to live.


Getting through life's challenges without the advice and guidance of an objective third party can make the going tough. You strive to do the best you can with what you know, and learn through lots of trial and error.

As you may already know, this method of personal growth can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming - filled with mistakes, even pain.

 "Coaching is a conversation, a dialogue, whereby the coach and the individual interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve goals, enhance performance, and move the individual forward to greater success." - Zeus and Skiffington


 Life rewards intelligent action.


Coaching is an intelligent strategy that compresses decades of learning into days.

A firm believer that everyone can benefit from professional coaching, Don walks his talk. He's been writing professionally for the past 24 years, yet he still consults with writing coaches regularly. In fact, he has three: one for each genre of writing he pursues. Although he's been speaking publicly since age 10, he has two speaking coaches with different areas of expertise. Plus he has an energy coach, a stable of business coaches, and a spiritual coach.


Don't you want to be the best YOU that you can be TODAY
rather than (maybe) someday?





Personal & Executive Coaching

As a coach, Don is highly intuitive and able to see through the smoke and mirrors of the ego. Only when he fleshes out "the real story" can the best and the quickest solutions be exposed.

Don has the innate ability to guide you to a sense of clarity that produces results. His balance of compassion and "tough love" will help you live the life you absolutely deserve.


 Coaching Inquiries


To inquire about coaching, please send an email to


   Be at your best - in fact, better than you ever thought!

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