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 Don’s book, materials, and message have made it into high schools!

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 "I believe travel is one of the best things for us. it shows us unequivocally that there is a world beyond the white picket fence enclosing our back yard, that there are people out there who are no different than us, yet at the same time, are so different than us. It shows us that there is no right or wrong, there just "is". It shows us that we all want the same thing: to love and be loved. And lastly, it shows us that when you find yourself in a land that is so different in every way from the one you are accustomed to, you find out just how much strength and ability you have to survive in this world, regardless of what the environment throws at you."
 If you've always wanted to live life a little more, but seem to have an excuse every time an opportunity presents itself, have a look what Don's done. In addition to all his educational and professional accomplishments, Don has set foot on 4 continents and has:
… Lived in an ashram in South India
… Almost been stranded on an iceberg in the Beaufort Sea
… Watched as the Massai Warriors of Kenya butchered dinner in front of him - a goat with no name
… Been interrogated, rifles raised, on the communist trains in post-communist Hungary
… Kayaked amongst the Navy destroyers in the Persian Gulf
… Ridden a camel in the Arabian desert, an elephant in Thailand, a mechanical bull in Canada
… Relived the days of ancient Greece from inside the Parthenon in Athens
… Swam with the stingrays in the Cayman Islands
… Jumped out of an airplane more times than the average person
… Taught yoga in the Middle East
… Mistakenly took his camera to the topless beaches of Spain
… Survived an earthquake in Italy
… Celebrated Canada Day in the street out front of the Maple Leaf Pub in London, England
… Been divinely protected from buying property in Sri Lanka, just months before the Tsunami hit
… Fed a giraffe from his lips in Nairobi National Park
… Flown a glider, a hot air balloon, and a Cessna 150 through the skies of New York
… Driven his 4x4 over, under, and through the dunes of the Arabian desert
… Scaled down to the belly of the great pyramid of Giza
… Meditated for hours admiring the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican
… Played on a championship ice hockey team in Dubai
… Watched the Wimbledon finals from Centre Court
… Lived on a Jungle Raft far up the River Kwai
… Told stories and drank sangria for way too many hours on the beaches of Formentera
… Walked on fire more times than he can count on two hands
… Sailed a felluca down the Nile in Egypt
… Taken up residence in the US, Middle East, Italy, South India, Kazakhstan, and Canada at some point in his life
… Narrowly escaped death twice
… Thought about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and is still thinking

As you can see, Don has no shortage of life experiences, although he swears he's only just begun. He now spends his time writing and speaking to serve humanity, and lives in homes throughout the year in Canada, Italy, and South India.

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