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When Don was studying for his masters degree in communications, he came up with a slogan for his discipline at the time, that has had a lasting impact on him. It read as follows:

Writing ... thought made visible
Speaking ... thought made audible
Thinking ... the essence of life

IIn the 20 years that has passed, the message has not lost its impact. In fact, it's grown each year and is now something that provides a foundation for his every message.



Don's writings are well known for their brevity, clarity, insight, and wisdom. One of his spiritual gifts is the ability to make sense out of the most confusing of things, distill it down to its simplest form without sacrificing any of the message, and then communicate that essence so it can be easily understood by all. His attention to detail will amaze you.  


Don holds the same high standards when it comes to his speaking where the infusion of his spiritual energy takes his message to a whole new level of inspiration. He's won numerous Toastmaster awards, he's taught in University, he's performed stand-up comedy. Whatever the venue, you'll be sure to leave with more than a handful of amazing new insights that will alter the way you live life.  

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