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Don Steirer is an author, speaker, and philosopher. He is an expert on teaching people how to use their mind to cross the bridge from living in their head to living in their heart, an exploration of self that has been described as "the shortest distance, but the longest journey".
With proven success in opposing disciplines, Communications and Engineering, his current doctoral studies in Metaphysics, and 34 years of self-directed study in human cognition and spirituality, Don lives a 'whole-brain' approach to life and shows others how to do the same.

"I teach people how to see through their self-hypnosis and thus break free from it"

To this end he's most definitely a contradiction in terms.
an engineer and a hypnotherapist
a hockey-playing yoga instructor
a specialist in technical communication who's performed standup comedy

Phrases that describe Don ...

Thought-provoking and Challenging

Scientific and Spiritual

Cognitive and Emotive

Logical and Creative

Concrete and Abstract

Theoretical yet so very practical

And it is precisely this versatility that makes his message so profound.

Author & Speaker
Without a doubt, Don is a gifted speaker. He will not only touch you with his words, he will awaken your spirit with his energy. <more>
Student & Teacher
With the never-ending curiosity of a child, Don is a life-long learner committed to sharing the fruits of his labors with others so they too can increase the quality of their lives. <more>
"I believe travel is one of the best things for us. it shows us unequivocally that there is a world beyond the picket fence enclosing our back yard, that there are people out there who are no different than us, yet at the same time, are very different than us. <more>
In Dec 2008, Don was in Johannesburg, South Africa on business. Days before he left Calgary for this trip, he found out that a good friend of his was going to be in Nairobi, Kenya, at the very same time. <more>



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