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Don Steirer has a gift for saving people from the trenches of life's daily drama. His message is so concise and laden with wisdom. If you would take just one chapter of this book and implement its principles into your daily life, life as you know it would change forever.
Elisabeth Fayt, International speaker and author featured in
The Opus Movie and The Vow

This book focuses on a hot topic these days. While many books tell us that we should decrease the stress in our lives, they never really tell us how, or they have long, complicated processes. 99 Ways breaks that mold. Short, to the point, and with laser guided action steps, you will immediately notice a shift in your thinking and feelings. This book will build a momentum that you can't, and won't want to, stop.
Sanjay Shah, Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach, Birmingham, England.



This book is about changing your energy. Your emotional energy.


Not tomorrow.
Not someday.

Quantum physics shows that everything in our universe is energy in motion-including thoughts and emotions.

In fact, your thoughts create your emotions. Thus, your thoughts create the energetic state that you experience at any given moment of day or night, good or bad.

So if you feel disappointed about an external event in your life, that disappointment is the result of your thoughts about the event. Similarly, if you feel peaceful, that experience results from your thoughts, too.


Drama comes in because there will always be a person, situation, or event that will be different than you'd like. Depending on your personality, this may occur once a week, every day, or even multiple times a day. Heck, some people even freak and ruin their whole day just because they misplaced their car keys!

When you're caught up in drama, you can't think clearly, and might even do stupid things. And when you can't think clearly, you erringly take actions that bring more drama into your life while pushing solutions further away.

Break the cycle of drama in the your life.

Intercept the habitual pattern of self-hypnosis that keeps you stuck. Stop the emotional storm and get back to living in harmony with the universe.
This book shows you exactly how to do that, and how to do it FAST. 







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"Many people feel lost and helpless in dealing with the emotions behind their drama, unable to figure out why it happens in the first place and then how to deal with it. Emotions are complex things, that is, until you really understand them. This book demystifies them, explaining our emotions in simple, clear language and then gives steps to control them."

Colleen V. McDonald, Personal counseling and sports psychology

Each of the 99 Ways to Stop the Drama has been crafted into an entertaining, informative speech. Check out the speaking page to find out about hosting Don at your business or special event.


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