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Don, your book and your thoughts have helped me through so many tough times I don't know how to thank you enough. You make me laugh, you make me think, you make me see my world so much more clearly. And you make it all so easy! Thank you.
Louise Collier
International schoolteacher
New Zealand







Are there people, events, and circumstances in your life that upset your apple cart?

Maybe to the point where they consume more of your mental and emotional energy than they deserve?

And in so doing they prevent you from living a happy, peaceful life?



What price do you pay in your happiness and harmony when you get upset with things over which you have no control? Opportunities for drama never go away - ever - as long as you're dealing with people, situations, and events every day. A gloomy result only gets worse if you do nothing about it.  

Yes, you can control how external forces affect you inside. In fact, how you handle what happens to you trumps everything else in life!

Don Steirer's Book, 99 Ways to Stop the Drama

If you've participated in other self-development programs, what you'll love most about Life Without DramaTM is the simplicity and the speed at which you can apply these principles. And the results come just as quickly. In some cases, instantly.


Drama is of the mind; therefore, manage the mind and you manage the drama.


Easy to say; hard to do. Until now. Don's Steirer's Life Without DramaTM principles will guide you on how to act from conscious choice rather than react from unconscious patterns when faced with the those disturbing events that life "puts in your way". Could you use a little of that from time to time?



Don Steirer's resources, speeches and coaching apply physical, energetic and spiritual principles that synergistically affect the human experience. Sounds complex, but it isn't. Don turns them into everyday, workable solutions for people just like you. That's the beauty of Life Without Drama TM.


Enjoy a whole-brain approach to life, living in the joy and abundance you were meant to have.

Whether you're a leader looking for a fresh, sure-fire way to kickstart a group of people, or you're an individual looking for a fast, simple way to improve your life now, there are answers for you in every one of the Life Without DramaTM principles.

 Stay, browse, be inspired, learn, shop, and enjoy a little drama-free time right now.



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